Monday, April 15, 2013

Kathryn Leigh Scott reads from "Down and Out in Beverly Heels"

Please check out our latest video of author and actress Kathryn Leigh Scott, released her latest novel, "Down and Out in Beverly Heels." This is a rare treat, with the writer reading a passage from the work.

I had the privilege of capturing her book signing at New York's Upper West Side Barnes & Noble. You can find images of the event on Kathryn's blog and here.

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Down and Out in Beverly Heels tells the story of Meg Barnes, a beloved actress who has it all and loses everything—and ends up living on the streets of tinsel town in her Ritz-Volvo—thanks to her newlywed con-man husband. The novel is a fun, light-hearted romance, taking us into the Hollywood social swirl, but also delves into the gritty truth of what it is to be “homeless and hiding it” in one of the most glittering, fashionable cities in the world. It’s also a story of redemption as Meg tracks down her fugitive husband and struggles to regain her reputation, career and friendships.

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