Thursday, November 17, 2011

David Mixner's new book release: At Home With Myself

Wonderful and amazing spirits are all around us. Living legend David Mixner has released a wonderful tome of anecdotes, told as only Mixner can.

David Mixner's wonderful new release can be found on

This is an image of David I captured during our last visit together.

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My Fair Lady

Just this week, Paramount video released a blu-ray edition of the classic 1964 film, "My Fair Lady." No, this is not a free plug or a link to to secure a copy for yourself (though, admittedly, I have already!).

But I am reminded of what is my favorite photograph, one that I lovingly entitled, "My Fair Lady."

This image was captured on a Memorial Day weekend afternoon and happened rather unassumingly but, I am told by many, captures the spirit of someone who truly enjoys life.

Trust me, she does.