Thursday, December 1, 2011

Phenomenal Woman

Life is too short to be just one thing – at least, that’s part of my philosophy.

Years back I pursued a career as an actor. OK, I really wanted to be an actor-singer. And sometimes you can still find me crooning on stages and in showers near you.

But back to the credo mentioned earlier. More than twenty years ago I was privileged to work on a production of A Chorus Line. The greatest privilege that show offered to me was friendships that have lasted through today.

Oh sure, some of us lost contact for many years. But due to part perseverance and (no small part) 21st Century social media, I have kept in close contact with my dear friend Marcia. She is truly a remarkable woman who continues to lead a remarkable life. She has given much to the world, including five (that she knows of) beautiful and talented children – some of whom have already begun to offer the world the next great generation of this lineage.

Throughout her life, she lays claim to be called a mother, a teacher, an actress, a chanteuse, a grandmother, and a committed and completely selfless friend. I wouldn’t be surprised if she played a role in inspiring the Maya Angelou poem, “Phenomenal Woman.”

Marcia and I recently collaborated on new acting portraits. We always have such fun together and this was no exception. Here are a few images that I just love. I think it shows a side of her spirit and beauty. Consider yourself fortunate if Marcia ever enters your life.